What to watch in DSTV

One of the easiest and best ways you can access hundreds of shows and movies here in South Africa is by having DSTV installed in your home. This satellite service is capable of granting tons of channels that each televise amazing programs and the best part about it is it’s relatively cheap! 

Here at DSTV Installations Pretoria, we want to provide your house with the best source of entertainment which is why we specialize in installing DSTV. The catalogue of channels you’ll find in this service will be more than plenty that each member of your family will find something to watch.

However, this access can sometimes be a double-edged sword as you can easily get overwhelmed by the number of choices you can watch. If this is one of your concerns, don’t worry! We got you covered. 

Whether you want to watch local shows from South Africa, sporting events or anything in between, we’ve compiled a list of the things you can watch in this amazing service! Keep on reading to find out more.


Once we’ve installed DSTV inside your home, prepare for one of the most amazing movie marathons you’ll experience in your entire life. This is thanks to the wide catalogue that the service has that contains titles spanning different genres.

We can confidently say that each movie you’ll find here is worth watching but if you’re lucky enough, you may stumble upon these gems when you tune in onto channels such as M-Net Movies:

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

If you’re one of those fans who thought Joss Whedon’s Justice League back in 2017 fell flat, well you’re in luck! In 2021, the movie was re-released but this time with Zack Snyder back on the helm as the director. By having him lead the world-famous comic book heroes, the movie that people saw was finally what was originally intended to be.

With a whopping runtime of 4 hours, this movie doesn’t fall short of amazing moments which we won’t get into here for obvious reasons. We want you to experience the film for yourself! The only thing we can say is that it’s filled with action set pieces, drama, beautiful visuals and of course, slow-motion scenes courtesy of Snyder himself.

Catch this movie on DSTV here in South Africa! Just be sure to tune in to the right channels so that you won’t miss one of the best superhero movies in the history of cinema.

Jurassic World

The famous dinosaur-filled park reopened its gates back in 2015, this time with a new title, Jurassic World. In this summer blockbuster, Chris Pratt is cast as the lead character, Owen Grady and the audience is treated to an action-packed movie filled with horrifying creatures out to eat anything in their way. However, there are some exceptions as some dinosaurs show more empathy towards others which was a first for the series.

Aside from Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, who was cast as the leading lady also delivered a more than stellar performance as Claire Dearing. The two leading characters, together with two supporting characters who in the story are Grady’s nephews, try their best as the island of Jurassic World starts to collapse.

If you’re one for visual effects, this movie should be a must-see on your list. It was the first time the franchise looked this good and they continued to do so with the sequel, Fallen Kingdom. From the island itself down to the individual scales of each dinosaur, they’re made in great detail thanks to the advancement of movie magic in the industry.

Freaky Friday

If you’re looking to watch something classic that’s great for the whole family, a great movie that’s a certified classic is Freaky Friday. In this fun flick, a mother and her child who don’t get along very well get their bodies switched up after a mysterious spell was cast upon them.

Throughout the movie, you’ll see the pair working together until they solve the problem they’re going through. What’s great about this is that as the film progresses, you’ll find them slowly liking each other more which is perfectly acted out by Jamie Lee Curtis who played the mom and Lindsay Lohan who was the daughter.

Although the movie was made in the ‘90s, Freaky Friday still stands as one of the most fun-to-watch flicks in history. Moreover, its parent-child theme will forever be relevant which means that the movie will always be etched in people’s hearts.


Sometimes, it’s just fun to get scared while watching a movie which is especially true if you’re with your friends and family. However, the sad reality is that not all horror movies can get you the scare you’re craving for. Thankfully, you’ll find one of the most iconic horror movies in recent memories in the form of Insidious, right here on DSTV.

In this 2009 horror movie, James Wan proved that he can frighten you with horrific visuals and iconic jumpscare which was a far cry from the series of movies he gained fame from, Saw. This iconic film then spawned 3 sequels and is now considered one of the best horror franchises in movie history.

Sports shows

If you want to stay in the know in the ever so popular sports industry, you’d also be pleased to find out that DSTV has a boatload of sports channels. Regardless of which sports league you’re into, you’re bound to find something that interests you from the countless channels in DSTV’s catalogue. 

To save you from scanning through different channels, we’ve scoured them all and listed down some of our top picks here at DSTV Installations Pretoria. This includes:


There is no other show in the world that perfectly combines sports and entertainment than WWE. In this weekly episodic TV show, people are treated as larger than life characters that put their lives on the line to put on a good show and tell a compelling story.

What’s great about the WWE is it consists of different shows, each of which has a unique set of wrestlers. Between these shows are championship belts that the competitors work for the most. However, aside from these belts, you’ll also find those who do it for fun or have interesting stories to show to millions of viewers around the world.

Another thing that the WWE does so spectacularly is their pay-per-views. Every year, the company sells millions of PPVs thanks to the interesting storylines that each wrestler has with each other. Although it doesn’t always end up in the favour of the crowd, it still makes for an entertaining TV show.

One thing that the WWE does that’s different from other promotions is Vince Mcmahon’s proud invention, Wrestlemania. This yearly pay-per-view is the biggest event in all of sports entertainment and it’s where the biggest superstars collide. If you’re looking to be entertained with high-flying moves, death-defying stunts, interesting storylines and more, this is the best show for you.


Moving over to the legit competition, the UFC is the best and leading promotion to watch if you’re looking to watch two warriors battle it out inside an enclosed cage. The promotion has been around for decades and with how successful it’s been over the past couple of years, we can see it being popular for many years to come.

This sport is fun to watch if you’re looking to fill in that adrenaline rush lacking inside your body. Here, two combatants will be locked inside the octagon to fight it out and find out who’s the better competitor. 

The best part about this is that each fighter has different styles and backgrounds which is why it’s called Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. Seeing these different styles against each other is a sight to behold and it’s something that will forever be interesting to the eyes of many. 

As of today, the company has recorded millions of PPV buys and that’s huge thanks to the superstars that came out of this company. Some of the biggest fighters in the game today include:

  • Conor Mcgregor
  • Kamaru Usman
  • Israel Adesanya
  • Jon Jones
  • Colby Covington.

These names are responsible for making the sport that much more popular and interesting as they bring a different style to the table. Moreover, their larger-than-life personalities play a huge role in building up storylines between fights.

Install DSTV today!

Get ready for a whole new world of entertainment when you have DSTV installed inside your home! The shows and movies we’ve listed above are barely scratching the surface as countless others are waiting for you in their catalogue. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us now here at DSTV Installations Pretoria to enjoy a myriad of programs at your fingertips.

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