Best TV shows in Africa

Here at DSTV, we’re the best ones to count on if you want to add entertainment to your homes. We achieve this by installing DSTV, one of the oldest and best broadcast satellite services in the entirety of South Africa.

By having this satellite dish installed in your homes, you’ll have a plethora of channels to choose from which also means that you’ll have hundreds upon thousands of shows to watch. 

However, these shows can be overwhelming, especially considering that there are many channels to choose from, each of which has hundreds of TV series of different genres. Thankfully, you won’t have to scroll through these channels endlessly as we here at DSTV Installations Pretoria have your back! 

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best TV shows in the country that can guarantee you an amazing viewing experience. Each of these titles features gripping stories and interesting ideas. 

As you contact us to install a DSTV for your new home, start your viewing experience by watching these high-rated shows in South Africa:

Big Brother

Sometimes it’s just fun to turn off your brain and watch reality TV shows. If you’re looking for one that’s worth your time and attention, the best one is Big Brother. Although it’s not a new and original idea, it’s still worth watching because of the reality aspect of the show.

In this reality show, people from different parts of South Africa are put together and isolated in a single house. It’s always interesting to see how strangers would act with each other when left with certain tasks and problems and that’s what makes this show extremely engaging. Speaking of tasks, the ones that the mysterious and titular ‘Big Brother’ leave the housemates are often gruelling which makes for a great source of entertainment.

Because this is a reality show consisting of different kinds of personalities, you’ll inevitably find someone in the show who you’ll root for and hate. Regardless of which one you feel for a certain type of way, this only means that the show is successful in creating interesting characters.

Moreover, this reality show sometimes serves as a training ground for soon to be stars who would go on and have amazing careers in show business.

Studio 53 Extra

If you’re looking to catch up on the latest news about style, gossip, entertainment and anything in between, the best show to watch is Studio 53 Extra. Consisting of charming hosts that are each beautiful, sexy and stylish, this show is a feast for the eyes.

These beautiful hosts, coupled with some of the most interesting topics to talk about in the showbiz industry today make for a great source of entertainment. This also means that there will never be a dull moment as you watch this extremely fun series.

Studio 53 Extra is also one of those shows where you can just turn off your brain and enjoy everything you hear and see. Additionally, if you want to improve your styling skills, this is one of the best shows to watch on all of South African television.

The African Doctor

Stepping away from reality TV shows, a comedy-drama that’s worth your time is The African Doctor. Be sure to prepare a box of tissues when you’re going to watch this movie as it can make you cry with both laughter and sadness thanks to its engaging story and world-class acting. Moreover, you’ll be more impressed when you find out that the film is based on a real person’s story by the name of Seyolo Zantoko. 

The African Doctor tackles themes that everyone can relate to which plays a huge factor in why the show became a huge success. It follows the story of Seyolo Zantoko as he’s given the chance to work in France to live out his dream of becoming a doctor. However, as soon as he’s landed on foreign soil, he realizes that living the dream is not as easy as it seems.

Watch this movie with your family to experience a rollercoaster of emotions! Its runtime falls a little under 2 hours but it will feel much faster as there’s no dull moment throughout the entire film.

Mashariki Mix

Admit it, one of the most fun things to watch when you just want to turn on the TV is food shows. That’s why one of the top TV shows here in South Africa is Mashariki Mix as it shows some of the best food hubs in the entire Eastern African Region.

Just be sure not to watch this show on an empty stomach because you’ll certainly start craving the delicious dishes featured on it. From savoury dishes to sweet desserts, you’ll find everything in this amazing TV show.

This show is also a great way to introduce yourself to the culture of the region. Once you learn the different things that you can enjoy on African soil, you’d want to visit as soon as possible.

Aside from world-class dishes, the show also puts the spotlight on some of the best places to buy clothes in the region. These places, coupled with a charming host in the form of Nick Mutuma make this show an amazing source of entertainment.


The ‘90s was a golden era for television not just in Africa but in the entire world as well. It was during this decade that people were introduced to several sitcoms such as Friends, Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and more. However, when other parts of the world were swooning over these famous TV shows, the people of Africa were glued to a famous TV show called Generations.

Generations was one of those shows where if it came on, you’d let the entire family know so you can watch it together. It follows a charming ensemble of characters working in the advertising industry. The premise may seem simple but it has several layers that make it much more interesting.

Moreover, each of these characters has their own quirks and personality and their chemistry together is worth watching in itself. Aside from their scenes together, their own stories and arcs are some of the most interesting ones in all of television history. These factors, coupled with their goal of making a better future make the cast an all-time favourite.


The region of South Africa is no stranger to branching out to different genres and one of the prime examples of this is Shadow, a thriller TV show that revolves around a vigilante. The person that the story follows wants to take justice into his own hands and help those in need. 

However, this mindset leads the protagonist to an endless battle with himself as he starts to blur the line between being a vigilante and a criminal which makes the show more interesting. It also helps that the main character is perfectly played by Pallance Dladla, one of the most promising actors of the generation. On top of that, his co-stars are also worth praising for the amazing performance they gave for this TV show.

Although there are only 8 episodes of this amazing thriller, it doesn’t fall short of its memorable moments. This is because each episode is filled with moments that will keep you at the edge of your seats.

Aside from being thrilling, it’s also filled with different action set pieces and dramatic scenes that make each second of this show worth watching. Moreover, the show itself was monumental for Africa as it was one of the first Netflix originals made in the country.

Namaste Wahala

Some of the best television shows to watch are those with romantic stories and one of the best examples of this is Namaste Wahala. However, this show isn’t your typical love story as it features two people from different countries who encounter cultural differences.

The story follows an Indian man and a Nigerian woman. These cultural differences are what make the show even more interesting to watch as it’s not always that you see a television show centring two people from different countries as they fall in love with each other.

Watching Namaste Wahala is a joy because it’s filled with different romantic and comedic scenes that are sure to make anyone watching feel good.

Let us install a DSTV for your home today!

Now that you’ve discovered some of the best TV shows to watch here in South Africa, it’s time for you to start sinking hours into them! One of the best ways to make this possible is by having a DSTV installed inside your home. 

From easy-to-watch reality shows to gritty series, you’ll find any titke in this amazing broadcast satellite service. If you’re looking to watch these shows now, feel free to inquire with us here at DSTV Installations Pretoria!

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