Benefits of having cable TV

Nowadays, cable TV is almost obsolete as subscription-based video-on-demand networks are taking over the industry. However, what if we told you that you shouldn’t cut off your cable TV? If you want to find out why, we encourage you to keep on reading!

Here at DSTV Installations Pretoria, we want you to have the best entertainment system in your home as much as possible. We’re able to achieve this goal by installing, DSTV, one of the leading satellite TV service providers in all of South Africa. 

Moreover, we also believe that there are tons of benefits that come with having cable TV which is why we encourage you to think thoroughly before cutting off this essential service. If you need more reasons, here are those benefits:

Ability to negotiate

Although cable programs aren’t that expensive, you can still negotiate with your provider to get them at a much lower price. Within streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO GO and more, this isn’t possible as you can only choose from their offered plans that range different prices.


Speaking of price ranges, cable TV is also much cheaper than any streaming service that requires you to pay a monthly fee. This is especially true considering that some plans charge more than others and offer little to no improvements to the customer’s viewing experience.

With DSTV Installations Pretoria, you only need to pay a cheap price which is one of the main reasons why it’s the leading provider in South Africa. Moreover, you can make the price cheaper by lessening the number of channels in your plan.


One of the main and biggest reasons why people still opt for cable TV is because of sports. If you’re going to rely on streaming services alone, you can kiss your favourite sports league goodbye as it’s rare that they include these programs.

With cable TV, not only will you get to watch the games from your favourite leagues but you’ll also see them live! This way, you won’t miss a single match or game from your beloved sports team here in South Africa. Whether it be the NBA, NFL, MLB and more, you can expect to watch them on different cable providers.

Original shows

Another major reason why several households still choose to pay for cable is because of the various entertaining shows that aren’t available anywhere else. From soap operas to game shows and more, you’ll never have a dull time watching cable programs on your television.

Install DSTV today!

These are some of the benefits of having cable TV. Hopefully, after reading them you’ll rethink your decision of cutting your connection because they can come in handy with your everyday life. If you want more information about the wonderful network of DSTV, feel free to check out our services here at DSTV Installations Pretoria.

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